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  • Saturday’s walk [Nov 2nd] to explore some of the historic lime workings around Lowick was an amazing success. Lovely weather, a sizeable group and the excellent planning and leadership of Charles and Rob made for a great day. Members of the Lowick Heritage Group took a walk to the Dryburn Lime Kiln, and took part in an action that made the kiln an active part of the landscape once more.
  • The circular walk took in many of the sites of the lime industry that have shaped Lowick and its landscape in the past, and considered how the lime continues to be an active part of the village today.
  • Members of the group who have been working towards a restoration of the kiln were on hand to share their experiences and insights
  • Signal flares were used to re-imagine the smoke the kilns in the area once produced and collectively marked the site of the Dryburn today.
  • The walk continued the loop through other quarries, tramways and spoil heaps, and returned to the Black Bull.
  • Any questions about the project, please contact Paul Langdale: or 01289 388842

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