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Below are September’s speed stats.

Cllr Hanson reports:

” The Police have not informed me of any spot speed checks during this period.  The speeds in general have been higher than last month; 35.01% of drivers were Speeding from the East and 39.15% were Speeding from the West, up from 27.00% and 34.87% respectively.  There was one especially selfish character going past the Vicarage at 70<75mph at 0100hrs on Saturday the 7th.

In September the total number of vehicles recorded coming into Lowick from the East was 27,649 and from the West it was 30,468.  There appear to have been several Diversions off the A1, see page 3 of the Summary Sheet, as confirmed by the large increase in volume of vehicles travelling at below 10mph coming from the West.  However, some of this could still be due to the harvest:
In respect of the A1 diversion through Lowick, I compared the whole of September 2019 against that of 2018.  From the East, there was an increase in vehicles of 209.24% (+3856) and from the West, it was 127.78% (+1375), see attached spreadsheet.  The figures may not be statistically significant, but it is an indication of the extra traffic diverted through Lowick.  The diversion for all northbound traffic from the A1 was through Lowick, whilst the majority of the southbound traffic was diverted further west.

Data: 1909 Sept Summary,


    Linda waite said:
    September 16, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    Spreading passed the village hall is beyond joking


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