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Here is the data for August 2019. There were no Police spot speed checks during this period.  The speeds in general have been lower than usual, especially past the Vicarage . The detailed sheets are available on the Parish Council website.
In July the total number of vehicles recorded coming into Lowick from the East was 28,940 and from the West it was 31,920.  There appear to have been several Diversions off the A1, see page 3 of the Summary Sheet, as confirmed by the large increase in volume of vehicles travelling at below 10mph.  However, some of this could be due to the harvest
At the next Parish Council meeting  Phillip Hanson will present his estimate as to how much extra traffic has gone through Lowick since the 2nd September due to this nightly diversion from the A1. Map below.
The Highways Agency responded swiftly to complaints that the signage on the A1 at Fenwick prevented a clear view of oncoming traffic from the south. Any issues which arise from the diversion which are spotted should be reported directly to them [try 0300 123 5000], or the police on 101.

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