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Hamish Burn deals with Tree on Lowick Common

The willow trees at the edge of the Common have been the subject of much concern in the last couple of years, with most falling, or leaning severely, and offering a potential danger to the public.

With regret the Parish Council has acted to fell the trees, and Hugh and Hamish Burn have been hard at work cutting down and removing much of the wood. Thanks to both for their public spiritedness.

There will be timber remaining, and we would encourage anyone who would like to benefit from it to come along, with whatever saw they possess, and help themselves. Naturally, we would ask you to be careful, and not take any risks.

What is left we shall endeavour to remove and burn for ourselves.

The Parish Council will, once the area has been tidied up, come up with proposals for a tree planting scheme which will provide the Common, in years to come, with tall[ish] companions for the one remaining willow.

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