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The table below outlines the projected costs for the Parish Council for the next financial year. Effectively this is our “budget”, and the money for this is raised by a small addition [or “precept”] on your Council Tax Bill.

The Council has reserves which it can call on in an emergency [see the PC website for the annual accounts statements], but normally runs on what is raised through this small annual “tax”.

Costs have risen in recent years through the addition of extra responsibilities. The Play Park was until 2 years ago the responsibility of the County Council. This has now been devolved to the Parish. The expenses here is for regular safety inspections, consequent repairs, and liability insurance. Recently the park benefited from a substantial grant from the Wind Farm Fund.

In the next few months, we hope to see movement towards building the Pinfold seat at the edge of the Common. So far materials and costs for building have been pledged by generous donations, and a pledge from our County Councillor. We have only County Council Planning department fees to cover, hence the listed cost below.

Lowick Parish Council 2019/20 projected expenditure

Play park inspections £902.00
Insurance £180.00
Clerk’s income and expenditure £900.00
Donations to Local Charities giving Community Provision £100.00
NALC membership (National Association of Local Councils) £135.00
Poppy wreath [British Legion] £30.00
Contingency for bus shelter repairs/improvements £500.00
Contingency for play park repairs £500.00
Pinfold Planning Costs £100.00

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