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The table below lists all the awards made in October 2108 from the EDF Barmoor Windfarm Community Fund. The annual budget of the Fund, administered by the Community Foundation, is £67000. This year’s sum is now fully spent, as listed.

Lowick was awarded £10K for a Football Club mower, and £2k for further Village Hall Improvements. Bowsden Village Hall received £6.8K, and Kyloe £2.4K for a village defibrillator.

The next round of bids is to be discussed in April 2019, and local groups and organisations are encouraged to think of how best they might benefit.

Bowsden Village Hall

Internal painting of village hall, window blinds and purchase of Apple mac computer


Reduced conditional award to exclude external painting and wine cooler (£6,803 max)
Crookham Village Hall


Soil and drain investigations Reduced conditional award as Crookham Village Hall has received funding from CCF for kitchen equipment


Lowick United Football Club


Purchase of a new mower To be encouraged to purchase locally

Full award

Etal Village Hall Purchase of a stage Conditional full award


Parochial Church Council Ford & Etal Churches


Public Address Sound system for Ford Church


Reduced conditional award, less VAT

Organisation to be asked to add loop induction during installation

Lowick Village Hall


Village hall upgrade, carpet, two double glazed windows and mobile screens Conditional full award




Wooler United Reformed Church Improve heating system


Conditional full award £4,027
Kyloe Parish Council Defibrillator for Fenwick Village All agreed £2,400
Till Valley Archaeological Society


TillVAS excavation on Flodden Hill 2019


Reduced conditional award for analysis of artefacts and carbon dating only 1,700
 Total allocated this meeting     £37,370
 Balance for year end     £0

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