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The spate of robberies in North Northumberland and the Borders naturally raises concerns in everyone about the safety and security of their families, homes and businesses. This is keenly felt in Lowick as a result of the break-ins and thefts from the Village Store and Bookless’s Garage two weeks ago.

These are added to the recent break-ins in the shop at Cornhill, the robbery at Mike Hope’s Garage in Wooler, and the subsequent ram-raid theft of the cash machine at Farm-to-Freeze.

The effects on everyone concerned are serious. The loss of stock is one thing – there are also the effects on the victims’ feelings and confidence, when their businesses and homes are physically threatened.

Anyone wishing to read David Bank’s unique response to this apparent crime wave should follow this link.

That our events should be isolated from each other seems unlikely, since they form an obvious cluster. The question is – has the targeting ended, or should we still be worried? All we can do, is to remember to lock our doors and windows, and make sure our insurance is up to date. Victims like Karen and Richie from the Village Shop have naturally upgraded their alarms and are installing CCTV outside their shop which will monitor the Main Street in both directions. We naturally thank them for adding a small measure of extra security to the whole village.

And what of the local police? David Banks makes some interesting points about the levels of policing in our district, and the lack of feedback victims receive about the progress of investigations. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that no information received means that nothing is known, or has been done.

The Parish Council has asked the local police whether they would send the “local” policeman to talk to us about what is happening, and what we can do to further protect ourselves. Lowick.Live will keep you posted.

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