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Could you help provide stone for Pinfold seat on the Common?

The Parish Council has been in discussion with the County Planning Department about the restoration of its old Pinfold which was sited on the edge of the Common until 1952, when it was demolished. The new Pinfold would be a seat for visitors to the Common, and a place where our Parish Heritage could be on display.

The cost of building the structure will be met from several sources, one of which is a donation already pledged from our County Councillor’s support fund.

The stone from the original pinfold has long since disappeared. If you could donate recyclable/ usable stone to the project it will help to keep the costs down, and mean that all donors will have had a hand in restoring this once familiar village feature. Any number of stones would be welcome, from, one upwards!

The Pinfold [which was a common feature of villages in former times] was used to house stray farm animals until their owners could be found to pick them up. Lowick’s, which was one of the oldest structures in the village, lasted until the Council felt in was too unsafe to leave and too expensive to repair. The plan is to build a circular seat on the footprint of the Pinfold, which will also be available for heritage information for those who use it. There will be no attempt to build it back to its original height – which was high enough to pen in cattle and horses.

The story of the Pinfold and the details of our plans so far are on the Parish Council website. Here is the link:

If you are able to contribute stone or material to the Pinfold Project, please get in touch with us via the website, or directly to the Parish Council. The dimension of any donated stone should be of suitable size for stone walling.


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