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The Revd. Victor Dickinson retired as Vicar of Lowick Parish at the end of January and the Church is now at the first stages of arranging to appoint someone to replace him. This does not happen immediately, as the Church applies a system of interregnum where for a period of usually a year or eighteen months (sometimes longer) no new appointment is made.

Church Wardens John Daniels and Niall Cartlidge tell us about the first stage of the process of appointing a new priest in charge of the parish.

“We need to produce a parish profile setting out the nature of the parish and the local communities which it serves. This is not something that as members of the church we can do on our own but should involve everyone within the community.

“In order to carry out this consultation we have produced a questionnaire which we would be very grateful if you could fill in. This will give us a better idea of the kind of contribution you see the church and a new vicar making to the community of Lowick and the surrounding area.

“Please get in touch with us if there are any further questions you have about the appointment of a new priest in charge and the role of the church within the local community.

The questionnaire can be printed or downloaded here, and left at the village shop, or emailed to John at johnmichaeldaniels@gmail.com .

You can also fill in the questions online by clicking this link.


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