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After receiving many helpful suggestions about the possible name for the New Road off Lowick Common the parish council voted overwhelmingly to recommend that the name should be Pinfold View. However, the developer, GM Craig, looked up “pinfold” in his dictionary and came up with “animal pound”, and objected.

Believe it or not, the County Council upheld the objection and went right along with the original choice. The officer of the council who wrote to us said we had not supplied any alternatives. Actually, we were more than able to, and had already supplied one, when she said the first wasn’t allowed. She never wrote back, until she dismissed the community’s suggestion. Having a local connection wasn’t necessary for new street names, she said, even though it might be nice.

Councillors thought that the developer’s recommended street name of Village Meadow sounded far too much like an estate agent’s phrase, that would be more suitable to a south east England suburb than a village in North Northumberland.

Yet another example of NCC indifference to local views – and yet another reason for a Neighbourhood Plan that brings more say to local people.

Craig’s builders are now at work on the site, and the breeze blocks are going up……..

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