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The two schools that serve Lowick and Holy Island have put forward a proposal to merge in the near future. The Federation of the schools should protect them for the foreseeable future and help ensure that the education of our children remains local – and that no long journeys to other schools will be necessary.

The period of consultation for the proposal ends on 29th May 2018 and public meetings have already been held on both Holy Island and in Lowick. Mrs Simpson will continue to be the Head of both schools.

The two schools, if Federated, would have one Governing Body, formed by amalgamating the two sets of governors into one. Current arrangements for premises, budget and inspection would remain. Each will maintain its current Church of England status – with Lowick as Voluntary Controlled, and Holy Island as Voluntary Aided.

Advantages are said to include the benefit of a greater variety of teaching expertise; increased opportunities to work with children in other schools, strong leadership for the schools in their communities; better opportunities to manage challenges and change; and a greater range of available resources.

The governing body for the Federation would have 11 governors – The Headteacher, 1 LEA, 1 Staff, 3 Foundation, 3 Co-opted and 2 Parent. Governors focus on providing strategic leadership, holding the Headteacher to account, and oversee financial management, ensuring value for money.

Anyone wishing to comment on the proposals could seek more information from their chosen first school, or by emailing the Clerk of Governors: enid.scott@northumberland.gov.uk. Comment may be emailed to the Clerk, or sent in writing to Chairs of Governors, Lowick and Holy Island First Schools, Lowick C of E First School, 30 Main Street,Lowick, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 2UA.

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