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The Lowick Neighbourhood Plan is still underway, despite a recent lull. Preparations are underway for a public consultation on planning policies, the boundary of the settlement inside which building may take place, and the style of different parts of the village , and how this might affect building. Other issues are under consideration – such as The Natural Environment, Community Facilities and Development, and A Register for Buildings and Features that are of special quality or interest.


During May, we will be holding an exhibition to get your opinion about the features that we have been discussing, above. The proposals for the size and future development of the village will be on view, and these will reflect any planning decisions that the County Council makes about recent proposals.

We will also be including first drafts of the policies which will underpin these plans, and these will be circulated online beforehand. If you wish to recive advance copies, please email us via the contacts page of this website.

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