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The Parish Council has been asked its views on a suitable name for the new strret which will accompny the 8 houses about to be developed off South Road. The Developer proposes “Village Meadow”, but most people we have spoken to feel that this is not approrpiate.


“Meadow” is not a Northumbrian term used much in our landscape, and “Village” is none too specific. The whole thing, it has been said, makes it sound like a South Country Housing Estate Agent’s advertisment.

Most roads in the village have associations with local people or locations – so we have had some interesting ideas already along these lines. If you have a suggestion drop us an email by Thursday night, when the Council meets.

Local residents will be interested to know that questions with the Planning Department have been raised about the effect on the Stream and likely flooding of the recent earth movement that has been carried out over the site in the map above, and the whole field, for which there is no planning permission.



One thought on “NAME THAT ROAD

    Lynda Murray said:
    April 16, 2018 at 6:33 pm

    Some suggestions for the name of the new road

    Common View
    Lowick Common East
    Hetton Lea
    Barley View
    School Row
    South Lane


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