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An unfortunate motorist is facing a potential bill of over £3,000 because of the damage caused to his car when it went into one of the several potholes that are on the Wooler Road between the Blue House and Moss Hall.  Afterwards he measured the pothole concerned and discovered that it was around 4″ (10cms) deep, which he had no way of knowing when he drove into it because it was full of water.  He has contacted Northumberland County Council (NCC) to claim for two new specialist wheels along with the fitting of their electronics and two new tyres, but the wheel hubs could also need replacing.
NCC have told him that they are passing his claim on to their Insurer, which could take up to 21 days to settle.  However, on their website, NCC states:
“Is the county council responsible for damage to vehicles or personal injury as a result of potholes? Can I sue the council?
We are only potentially liable to pay for damage to vehicles or personal injury if we have been negligent. We’re not expected to keep roads free from potholes at all times. Unfortunately, when conditions are severe, potholes are more common. The best thing to do is be prepared and take greater care during and after extreme weather.”
Those of us who use the Wooler Road know that these potholes have been there for some time before the recent snow.  If anyone has recently reported them, then we would be grateful if you would let ‘Lowick Live’ know the details just in case this motorist has his claim challenged.
​If you also suffer damage to your vehicle due to a pothole, you may find it in your interest to look at the Money Saving Expert Guide
Meanwhile please report any local Potholes to the NCC using the Lowick Live’s Links and Key Contacts web-page’s ‘Pothole Reporter’ which links to the NCC website.​ You never know, your wheels could be next.​


In the meantime, you will be aware that a programme of repairs has already commenced – notably on the Berwick to Wooler road. The County Council as stated that a new budget to cope with the extra work has been created. Let us hope the Government realises that it must allow Councils the right to obtain funds for this, on top of their other commitments.

Watch for the yellow or red paint round damaged areas of road. Avoid them if you can!

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