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This year’s radio panto went on air on cue on December 1st, with a star cast from the world of Lowick – including amazing Scot’s charm from Peter Calder as the “Hame Secretry”, sizzling song and dance from Amanda Worlock and Ann Daniels as the cruellest sisters you can imagine, and romantic crooning from Ritchie and Karen Blake, as Zippy Buttons and Cinder Ella herself. Not to be outdone was Victor Dickinson, wearing his clerical “frock” as the evil Delilah, John Daniels as the upper class smoothie Prince Jeremy and Clare Dakin as a firm headmistressy PM. Ably running the show were Bridgett Duncan as the narrator, and Chris Duncan as Special Effects plus everything else. Playing the Foreign Secretary, and Dr Hardup was Harry Wilson, and vamping it as a glamorous ghost was Amanda Cuddingham.

Stars of the kitchen were undoubtedly a trio of hungry labradors, played by  Kaitlyn and Erin Mather and Acer Inglis, and three spiteful cats, played by Kirstin Blake, Justice Inglis and Jennie Rooke.

John Huddart, writer and producer, is already thinking about next Christmas – let him know if you want to join the company!


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