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After an application to the Barmoor EDF Community Fund, the Village Hall was awarded a grant to purchase a new noticeboard, blackout blinds for the main Hall, and Foldaway Blocks for use by the Pantomime Players, and other groups who wish to use a bigger stage.
The grant of £2,464 will enable the Hall to obtain these well before Christmas.
“It’s great news for the users of the Hall, and the Village,” said Peter Calder, Treasurer of the Village Hall Committee. “A better blackout will make users of the projector happy, because the existing curtains don’t exclude daylight properly. It’s only a little stage and this will mean the Panto group will be able to use more space. The new noticeboard will be secure and protect village notices better.”
At the same time the Heritage Group was awarded £1,320 to buy archaeology equipment for the work it does in discovering more about the village’s past, and in training new archaeologists in field techniques. It was unsuccessful on this occasion in securing a small grant to carry out a survey for the Lime Kiln Project.



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