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Last month, Northumbrian Water (NW) were confident that they could connect up Barmoor Lane End to the new water main by the start of October.  This has not happened! and we have just heard from NW why this is the case.  Apparently, Northumberland County Council Highways [NCC] did not speak to NW before remaking the Barmoor Lane End junction.  As a result, because there is an automatic ban on digging up newly laid road for a period of several years, when NW turned up to carry out the connection work they could not do so.
They now plan to lay a new section of water main around the road junction and connect up the houses to that, instead of the new main that they had laid under the junction.  NW will shortly hear if NCC will accept their new plan.
Once the above has been completed, then the County Council can get on with relaying the B6353 from Barmoor Lane End to Lowick, putting an end to the trenches and bumps that presently exist.

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