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The first Heritage Weekend, held by the Lowick Heritage Group, was a huge success. with a population of 552, LHG can be proud that 343 visitors called at the exhibition over the weekend. Congratulations to all those who prepared and ran it, especially to Julie Gibbs, whose researches and display skills were at the centre of the exhibition of photographs on display.

Also on display was the draft of the Village “Domesday Book” which the Neighbourhood Plan is compiling to help inform its proposals for local planning in the future.


Comments on the weekend have included:

Just a brief note to congratulate you all on a splendid event of which we can all be proud.   The exhibition was excellent and held something for everyone who attended and the team who were standing by the exhibits did a great job in involving all those who attended.  A great job and definitely a firm foundation for future activities.   Harry Wilson, Bowsden

Just emailing to say that the Lowick exhibition was really good last weekend. Had a good chat to several folks and caught up with the archeology too. Long discussion about bronze axe heads, as I found two as a teenager in my home village in Northants ( known for iron age and Roman settlements!) Lovely to hear the buzz of folks reminiscing over photographs and to see lots if animated talk going on all around the exhibition. So a huge vote of thanks to all those who have spent much time collating information and actually putting the exhibition together…..I do appreciate how long such things take to achieve.
So, ‘Congratulations Lowick History Group !’  Alison Murray

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