Belford Middle School Closure Threat

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If you feel as many people do, including the Parish Council, you’ll be angry that the threat of closure has descended on the middle school that many of us have sent our children to, and still do.  So far, there is no coherent plan by any party to the closure for the continuing education and well-being of the children who attend or would like to attend this school – and this is not a vague threat – it is proposed to close the school this summer.

We, the Parish Council, are demanding that a sensible strategy must be put in place for the short and long term future. At the very least, the threat of closure this summer must be lifted.

If you agree, and wish to support us, contact Susan Graham via the Contacts form on this site, and she will provide you with a questionnaire you can fill in in support.

This situation has arisen because Central Government has so weakened local control of education that no coherent strategy to provide for schooling in Northumberland remains. It has encouraged schools to change their identities, even when this contradicts the pattern of provision that is possible in our county. This must include the rash decisions to allow 2 and 3 tier education in the same adjoining areas. It must also include the thoroughly undemocratic way in which Faith Schools which are the only providers in a community are seemingly able to make decisions about provision without any reference to the needs of the whole community.

Whatever your feelings, it is time to take a long hard look at what is happening to schools in our area, and make your voice count.

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